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A huge selection of Local, Craft, and Domestic Beer – plus all the spirits to imbibe you proper. Stay a while, and drink!
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Video Games

The largest selection of Video Games of any bar in the state! 1000+ games across a dozen platforms. LVL UP!
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Table Tennis, Billiards, and Darts! We've got the best of the best when it comes to all three!

History of the Saloon

The Hideaway Saloon is a small family business that opened its doors on April 26th, 1996. Owner, Jim Allen, had done his fair share traveling in the name of music, and decided to open a bar catering to just that: a traveling musician’s lifestyle.

But in mid-2015, The Hideaway Saloon decided to shake things up a bit. Jesse, Jim’s eldest son, conceptualized a new image for the bar. An image that presently caters to gaming communities — and music-lovers alike.

Just as Jim’s passion was music, Jesse’s passion was gaming. Now, he is setting forth with his own vision. One that creates optimum gaming experiences with the latest in Console hardware, at the ready for any patron.

The vision doesn’t just stop at video games. A wide array of games and tournaments have been incorporated into the bar’s style. Games like: ping-pong, darts, board games, billiards, and even more!

The motto still stands after all these years, and we promise “If you find it, you’ll like it!”

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Sunday, July 23 7:30pm

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